Lingao (China)

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2 * 1000 MW PWR planned

Facilities in Lingao

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Agreement between the PR of China and Framatome for construction of a second pair of 1000 MW PWR at the Lingao site, a few km away from Daya bay; Framatome will deliver the nuclear island; GEC Alsthom the conventional part, EDF takes part for engineering support. A consortium with french banks will finance the project - via a long-term government-backed credit ( rate 6.95%/y) - leader of the consortium is the Banque Nationale de Paris. The 1500 million franc export credit for the Lingao project is the largest ever granted by the french government. The fixed rate credit will be repaid over a 15 year period that begins when the plant is completed. The loan is guaranteed by the french export credit agency Coface up to 95% of the total in case of non-repayment. The plant is estimated to cost 1800 million franc ( 3400 millionUS$).
It is planned that the plants should go on line in 2002/2003.
Lingao will be 20% less expensive than Daya Bay; Framatome expects to make a normal profit of a few % on the contract. The project will assure the equivalent of 9000 jobs per year for Framatome & its subsidiaries. Without the Lingao order the situation for Framatome would be extremely serious !