Beaver Valley (USA)

Map of Beaver Valley

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2 PWR units, with a capacity, of 800 and 830 MW constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1976 and 1987.

Facilities in Beaver Valley

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Beaver Valley-1PWR19701976
Beaver Valley-2PWR19741987

The Beaver Valley plant was not affected by the floodwaters, though it came close to a UE declaration. A flood alert for the plant was issued Saturday evening, and the Ohio crested at 209 m above sea level at around 10 p.m. The plant's technical specifications require a shutdown within six hours if the river rises above 208,5 m and a declaration of a UE if it reaches 210 m.


During a full-flow surveillance test
on a recirculation spray pump at unit 2, the pump failed to establish adequate flow or discharge pressure during the test. Licensee personnel found that the pump suction valve was closed even though the annunciator in the control room indicated it to be fully open. Upon further investigation, they found that the valve operator had decoupled from the valve stem, allowing the operator to move independently from the valve. Two of three other recirculation pump suction valves were starting to decouple because the valve spline adapters had separated from the operator drive sleeves.


Test: 3 of 4 containment spray recirculation pumps did not start within the required time. Delay was due do setpoint drift of the mechanical timers.


Generic fault: service water piping to both MCP coolers were restricted due to a buildup of corrosion products.