Lianyungang (China)

Map of Lianyungang

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Site planned for a new NPP

Facilities in Lianyungang

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Russia finances 90% of all supplies for the project and has no intention of reducing its share of financing for the two 1,000-MW VVERs at Lianyungang.
The project is still at an early stage. The Chinese are doing site preparation work, and some 340.000 cubic meters of soil, out of a total of 740.000 m³, are already removed. Reshetnikov hopes the initial stage of the project will be completed by the end of this year.
Meanwhile, he insisted, no serious problems threaten Minatom´s Indian reactor project. The Russians will have completed the basic design by the end of 1998. Minatom plans to send up to 1,100 specialists to India by then to work on the project at Kudankulam.