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La MancheLLW/MLW burial center

An appeals court in Caen has ordered French nuclear waste management agency Andra to suspend work on placing a permanent seal over the low- and medium-level waste (LLW/MLW) burial center at La Manche, next to the La Hague reprocessing plant.
The suspension is temporary, until January 31, 1996, when the expert appointed by a lower court in May, Jean-Dominique Fabrega, is to submit preliminary results of his investigation into whether there is radioactive pollution in two rivers that cross the waste site, the Ste. Helene and the Grand Belectrical
The first victory in a long quest by local critics of the Centre de Stockage de la Manche (CSM) to stop the sealing work and force Andra to unearth potentially leaking waste packages, and recondition any waste trenches found defective, before the center is closed permanently.
Andra has been gradually placing the permanent cover over the 550,000 cubic meters of waste at the site since 1991. It stopped accepting waste at CSM last year. In Andra's "tumulus" design, waste package are placed above ground and covered with layers of sand, cement, bitumen, and topsoil.
Tritium pollution due to a 1976 accident in which 1.8-million gigabecquerels of tritium were released into the environment from an early concrete trench at CSM - that the two sides take measurement of the tritium in the environment and compare them. But, he said, "things dragged out" and no such measurement was conducted before Crilan and Anger filed their suit in early 1994.