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Nuclear waste dump in the desert closed in 1992. Run by US Ecology the company, which will operate Ward Valley.

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Radioactive leakage from a nuclear waste dump in the desert at Beatty, Nevada, has been increasing over the last five years, a U.S. Geological Survey scientist said. "There´s been a general increase in the tritium levels from 1992 to 1996" said William Alley, chief of the geological survey´s office of groundwater.
Environmentalists pointed to the findings to bolster their arguments for blocking a similar proposed dump in the Mojave Desert in Ward Valley, California, for low level radioactive waste from nuclear plants, labs and hospitals.
The Interior Department has delayed handing over the Ward Valley land to the state while it negotiates guidelines with California. The department wants to test whether radioactive material could seep from a dump into groundwater near the Colorado River, which is a key source of drinking water.
He said the tritium appeared to have percolated out from the site because liquid tritium was dumped into trenches that were left open for a year or more.
"Given that those ar not the practices stated - at least on paper - for Ward Valley, there´s really no way to make a comparison about what the practices at Ward Valley might result in," Alley said.
The Beatty dump, which closed in 1992, was run by U.S. Ecology, the same company that California has chosen to operate the Ward Valley dump.