Kursk (Russia)

Map of Kursk

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4* RBMK 1000 MW units, in operation since 1976-85 constructed by MTM

Facilities in Kursk

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Kursk-1RBMK 100019721976
Kursk-2RBMK 100019731979
Kursk-3RBMK 100019781983
Kursk-4RBMK 100019811985

Two individuals received exposures above the annual dose limit because of fragments from a leaky fuel assembly at the Kursk-4 RBMK late last month, Russian authorities said. The individuals dosimeters registered 58,3 milliSievert (mSv) and 56,8 mSv, respectively. A plug in one fuel rod ruptured leading to fuel rod depressurization and an increase in steam activity at the fuel channel outlet. Examination revealed a fuel fragment about 5 millimetres long on the receiving unit of the shipping cask containing the extracted element, and two fragments 1,5-2 mm long on the fuel assembly plug. The event was rated at Level 2.


Diesel generator failed during testing, reactor power was reduced to 50% until the generator was repaired