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Kurop-doLLW/MLW storage

South Korea's plans to build a repository for low- and medium-level waste (LLW/MLW) on sparsely populated Kurop-do Island have been canceled following discovery of two active faults in the nearby seabed, the government announced last week.
It is the country's second failure to find a site for LLW/MLW; in 1990, an attempt to designate AnMyun Island resulted in full-scale riots and the firing of then-Science & Technology Minister.
the $ 880-million facility was to have been completed by 2001 and would have had an initial capacity of 100,000 200-liter waste drums. An original project to co-locate a 3,000-metric-ton spent fuel interim storage facility there was suspended pending definition of Korea's spent fuel management strategy.


Final selection of the site on Kurop Island announced by the government. The site was chosen among 7 areas that included the Kori, Wolsung and Ulchin NPP. The process was without resistance: police were called to break up protests on several occasions - officials cosidered it a success that the selection of Kurop-do was not greeted by the island's 11inhabitants with riots !!
compensations will be paid not only to the 11 inhabitans, but also to the much larger population of the neighbouring areas.
The repository is scheduled to be completed by 2001 with an initial capacity of 100.000 200-liter waste drums, expendable to 250.000 drums.