Kudankulam (India)

2* 1000 MW PWR WWER 1000 are under construction at the site in the southern Tamil Nadu state.
In June 2004 the Indian nuclear authorities announced that they are planning to set up six more nuclear reactors at Koodankulam apart from the two currently under construction. According to Mr. S. K. Agrawal, the director of the Kundakulam nuclear power project, preliminary arrangements to set up the third and fourth reactors have begun. It is now believed that the very first 1.000 MW nuclear reactor could go critical nine months ahead of the original target date of December 2007. The second one is to go critical 18 months ahead of the scheduled date in 2008.

Facilities in Kudankulam

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Russia's and India's top nuclear officials signed a financing agreement for Russia to proceed with the long delayed VVER-1000 project at Kundankulam. It was a direct Russian rejection of U.S. attempts to sanction India for its May nuclear bomb tests.
A deal for the two VVER-1000s in southern Tamil Nadu state was signed nearly a decade ago, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and has been on hold ever since because neither side could supply financing the (U.S.)$2.5-billion agreement.
A detailed project report is to be prepared 30 months from now and the first reactor would be completed around 2006, followed by the second a year later. Kudankulam would be subject to facility-specific safeguards and inspection by the IAEA.