Schacht Konrad (Germany)

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KonradLLW repository

The Court decided to dismiss the claims from opponents. BfS has to wait till this decision is final before starting operation.


The Department of Environment in Hannover gave the licence for the planned Konrad depository requested to the BfS. Up to 300.000 cubic meters of low and intermediate level radioactive waste are to be stored there. Whether the former ferric mine really is suitable for storing high level spent fuel rods was never examined. Communities, citizens' initiatives and private persons announced that they would institute proceedings against the licence. BfS therefore expects the legal proceedings to last for several years. Because of the withdrawal of the immediate performance the mine will not be converted into a repository until a court decision will be made.


Under current plans BFS expects a license by the end of the year to use the former Konrad iron mine as a waste repository. BSF estimates preparing the facility to accept LLW will take about 3 years and Konrad could accept LLW at the end of 1998.
But conflicts could between Hannover and the BMU delay the project for between 1 and 3 years; If Konrad can't accept LLW until 2002 additional interim LLW storage sites have to be licensed.