Kola (Russia)

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4* 440 MW PWR reactors: 2*WWER 440 V230 and 2*WWER 440 V213 constructed by MTM; operation started in 1973/75 and 1981/84

Facilities in Kola

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down

Leak at RPV head penetration caused shutdown


LOCA where 50 m³ water of prim coolant from cleanup system were lost, during the incident pressure was low, because the reactor was during cooldown. Leak was caused by rupture of a 57 mm feedwater pipe. the leakage was stopped by isolating the affected pipe. The accident was beyond design (because dBA is break of a 32 mm diameter pipe). Release of radioactivity into environment was 900 GBq


Drop in pressure of RCS due to incorrect opening of a safety valve. RPS was activated and unit shutdown


Tornado knocked out off-site power, EDGs were unable to take over (at unit 2,3,4 EDGs successfully picked up the load.at unit 1 it took 2,5 hours to restor power via the auxiliary transformer. In a WWER 440 the core conditions are like those in normal shutdown for at least 3 hours, because of the large water volume.


Scram because of loss of power on the RPS.


Damage to a spent fuel assembly: fuel handling failure - assembly dropped onto others -> no breach of integrity.


Rupture of a 100 mm steam-line -> leak in bypass line of main steam gate valve (TG #2)