Bataan (Philippines)

Map of Bataan

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Site for the first NPP at the Philippinnes; (BNPP) Westinghouse started construction of a 620 MW PWR unit at the site in 1980. The plan was cancelled and the work stopped.

Facilities in Bataan

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The possibility of bringing online the Bataan PWR which was abandoned in 1986 is discussed by Philippine officials. The second option under consideration is the construction of a new NPP, either on the Bataan site or somewhere else. An IAEA expert group will visit the Philippines in January to help the government with the assessment of the problem.


Westinghouse and the Philippines reached an agreement in a long-running legal dispute over construction of the Bataan NPP under which Westinghouse had agreed to pay 100 million US$. The plant has been completed in 1985 but never operated because the Philippine government raised safety concerns and sued Westinghouse alleging the company bribed the fromer president Marcos to win the deal to construct the plant.
Under the new agreement Westinghouse will be able to deliver products to the Philippines. Westinghouse still maintains that the NPP could be operated safely but the government is likely to convert the plant to use other fuel.