Kewaunee (USA)

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540 MW PWR unit; constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1974 .

Facilities in Kewaunee

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Wisconsin Public Service Corp. (WPSC) remains confident it can strike a deal with its Kewaunee co-owners to replace the unit´s failing SGs and has acquired rights to replacement parts from a cancelled Italian reactor.
The uitility, working through Ansaldo, has lined up rights to the lower halves of two Westinghouse Model 54 SGs that were part of an Italian facility cancelled in the wake of Chernobyl.
In April 1988, construction of Trino Vercellese-2, a 1.000 MW Westinghouse unit was cancelled.


Outage extended because a safety injection puump failed during testing and spread metal shards into the piping and the RPV. Recovery from the pump failure will take at least until mid-May.


Prior to this outage about 11-12% of the tubes had been plugged in the unit's two SG. After this outage it will be up to 20%.


A pressurizer surge line was missing some of its rupture restraint anchors,- anchors had never been installed.