Kalpakkam (India)

Map of Kalpakkam

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Research Center, Prototype FBR 10 MW

Facilities in Kalpakkam

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Kalpakkam FBTRFBR19721991
Kalpakkam KARPReprocessing Plant
Kalpakkam PFBRFBR2004

Six employees of the Kalpakkam Reprocessing Plant (KARP) were exposed to radiation exceeding the AERB-prescribed annual dosage limit of 2 rem. A leak in a valve separating a high-level radioactive liquid waste tank and a low-level liquid waste tank led to the mixing of the two kinds of wastes and increased radioactivity in the area. There were no monitors to detect the radiation level in the enclosed area. The workers were not wearing the personal thermo luminescent dosimeters, which register the radiation doses received.