Kalkar (Germany)

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FBR, construction terminated

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Schnell-Brueter-Kernkraftwerks GmbH, the organization that owns the Kalkar site of the scuttled SNR-300 fast breeder reactor project, sold the site November 3 to a Dutch investor who plans to locate a theme park there.

The SNR-300 project was founded at the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center (KFK) in 1960. Construction of the reactor was basically finished in 1985, but, shortly after the Chernobyl explosion, the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia resurrected a debate over the probability of a power excursion and serve accident at Kalkar. NRW refused to issue permits for the final erection steps, fuel load, and plant operation.
Thereafter, proponents in industry and the federal government tried to keep the project alive. But the plug was finally pulled in 1991 after no further financing agreement could be reached in talks between the federal government, RWE, Preussenelektra AG, and Bayernwerk AG. SBK, which is majority-owned by RWE, said that the SNR-300 project had cost about US$ 5-billion) since it got underway during the 1970s.
Van der Most, who already operates amusement parks in the Netherlands, plans to convert the nearly finished reactor facility into a hotel and sports complex.