Juragua (Cuba)

Map of Juragua

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2* 440 MW PWR reactors: WWER 440/ V213 under construction by AEE

Facilities in Juragua

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Siemens has been asked by Russian industry to supply I&C equipment for Cuba's NPP. Siemens had already formed an I&C joint venture, called Nuclear Control, with 7 Russian organizations. A group of firms and organizations from Russia, Brazil, Italy, Britain and Germany are trying to organize a financing consortium to complete the two WWER units. Completion cost is said to be US$ 800 million of which Russia will provide 30%. Unit-1 is about 80% complete and would take about 2 years to finish. Unit-2 is about 50% completed.
GAO's assessment contrasts with Cuban claims that preservation of the components gained the IAEA experts praise earlier this year: Slides of the site showed weeds and moss growing ou of the concrete containmetn. Rusting was apparent on the inside of the RPV and the piping. The shed housing the RPV has a 1m opening around the circumference that allows salt air in.