Jaeri (Japan)

Japan Atomic Energy Institute ; HTR test recator (helium cooled 30 MW thermal reactor)

Facilities in Jaeri

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JaeriHTR 30 (thermal

Loading was due to start on May 13, after the fuel assemblies were taken out of the fuel racks. Each assembly, a 580-milimeter-high cylinder with a hexagonal cross section, contains 14 fuel rods. The reactor can be loaded with up to 33 assemblies.
Uranium dioxide pellets, are covered with three or four layers of thin films of silicon carbide and zirconium carbide, which prevent radioactivity from leaking. The layers can endure 1,000 degrees Celsius. Jaeri plans to operate the reactor at up to 950 degrees C of coolant outlet temperatures.


Problems with the fuel-loading machine during a dry run forced the owner to postpone actual installation of fuel assemblies in the core of the HTR test reactor.

The 30-MW (thermal), graphite-moderated, helium-cooled reactor has been scheduled to reach criticality by late June or early July, a timetable already two to three months behind the original plan.