Hurd Deep (United Kingdom)

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Hurd DeepDumping Site

Plutonium contamination disclosed in LLW dumped in english channel:
A search through old U.K. records by a Channel Islands´environmental adviser revealed that some of the 58.000 drums of "low-level" radwaste (LLW) dumped in the sear north of the islands between 1950 and 1963 contained plutonium-contaminated material, according to a report published by authorities on Jersey island May 20.
Some drums disposed of in 1951 contained plutonium/polonium-contaminated laboratory waste, probably from Aldermaston.
The Hurd Deep, a narrow trough in the English Channel north of the Channel Islands, was a licensed LLW site used by UKAEA during the 13-year period. Higher-level U.K. wastes were disposed of in Atlantic Ocean deeps until sea disposal was discontinued.