Hunterston (United Kingdom)

Map of Hunterston

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Unit A Magnox win station of 2 * 160 MW (GCR) shutdown in 1990
Unit-B: 2* AGR 625 MW grid connection 1976/77

Facilities in Hunterston

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"Hunterston B Power Station – Reactor 3

Routine inspection of boiler tubes at Hunterston B Reactor 3, during its planned outage under Licence Condition 30, indicated a larger number of defects than was anticipated. The licensee is preparing a safety case to address the finding at Hunterston B Reactor 3, which remains shut down until NII issue a consent for restart of the reactor under Licence Condition 30."


"During routine monitoring of Hunterston B, it was discovered that there was radioactivity in the ground water in the bore holes associated with reactor 4. This event was reported under the site arrangements, initially to the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) and Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), and later to other government departments.

The licensee continues to investigate this matter with the assistance of company specialists and external contractors. The findings so far suggest that the levels of radioactivity present in the ground water are low and are decreasing. The source of the activity has not yet been conclusively identified, and this continues to be investigated by the licensee. Indications are that it was a one-off rather than continuous or recurring event.

So far there are no detectable off-site effects, and steps are being taken to remove the arisings as they build up in the bore holes. Currently the evidence suggests that this event is not of radiological significance for workers and the public.

The incident was classified as Level 1 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). The NII and SEPA are being kept informed of developments in this matter."


Fire in the pressure vessel during maintenance work, Unit was down for planned outage. 14 workers had to be evacuated.