Hinkley Point (United Kingdom)

Map of Hinkley Point

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Hinkley nuclear power station in Somerset
Unit A: 2 * 266 Magnox GCR; grid connection in 1965 closed in 1999
Unit B: 2* AGR 625 MW grid connection 1976

Facilities in Hinkley Point

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Hinkley Point AGCR195719651999
Hinkley Point BAGR19671976

The plant which has been closed since April 1999 has obtained the permission to start decommissioning.
The decision to decommission the plant was taken by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, part of the Health and Safety Executive.
BNFL will carry out the decommissioning, overseen by the Inspectorate and the Environment Agency.
Owners British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) say demolition of the site can now begin as work to remove fuel is already under way.
Some medium-level nuclear waste will continue to be stored there, and the reactors will remain for the next 100 years before they can be dismantled.
Hinkley A opened in 1965 and has been the scene of some anti-nuclear demonstrations to close it down.


Faster embrittlement of RPV welds detected (unit 2) -> pressure reduced. Operating restictions, e.g. slower startup.


Fire on turbine hall roof caused by maintenance work; water used for fire fighting dripped onto auxiliary transformer -> unit tripped


Cracks on fuel valves associated with the back-up gas turbine generators showed that one of the valves which should have been open was, in fact, closed, isolating the fuel from the gas turbines. The event reduced the normally provided safety provisions, critizised the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate.