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HimdalenLLW/ILW repository

An international IAEA review team has approved Norwegian plans for a combined storage-disposal facility for low- and medium-level waste.
The facility will be located in Himdalen, close to the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), home to the Kjeller research reactor and the current waste storage site.
It will be designed to hold approximately 2.000 cubic meters of waste by 2030, when it will be shut down and sealed. Besides Kjeller, Norway has another research reactor as well as waste generated by nuclear medicine and industry.
The facility will be located about 50 meters underground with two caverns. One will store plutonium-bearing waste; the other will be used for disposal of short-lived waste.
Plans now call for the facility to function just as a storage area for plutonium-bearing waste, with a decision to be made around 2030 on whether to convert the storage area to a final repository.
The facility will be located in a hill, with access through a tunnelectrical The Norwegians plan to encase waste in a concrete sarcophagus and construct a drainage system. A program is being developed to monitor the radioactivity of draining water automatically for 300 to 500 years.
Norwegian officials have being working on facility plans since 1989. Three sites were recommended, including an abandoned mine. The Himdalen site was ultimately chosen because it was closest to the IFE, because building there would be less expensive and because its expected there will be less impact on tourism than at the other two sites.