Higashidori (Japan)

Facilities in Higashidori

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Commercial operation of Higashidori-1 started today. The first fuel loading has taken place on the 24th of Dec 2004.


Public hearing on Higashidori 1:
MITI organized the hearing and Tohoku Electric explained its construction plan. The power company also responded to the opinions and questions raised by 24 local people. The hearing was more like an "explanation meeting". There will be another hearing after MITI´s safety inspection is done and the Nuclear Safety Commission begins its reinspection. It will be organized by the Safety Commission and MITI will explain. The hearings are only a day each and are being criticized as a formality.


Tohoku Electric apply for Higashidori-1 building permit:
On August 30, Tohoku Electric applied to the Minister of International Trade and Industry for permission to build Higashidori-1 reactor which the company plans to construct in Higashidori Village (to the north of Rokkasho-mura where the nuclear fuel cycle facilities are located). It is said that the site has the space to accommodate 20 reactors.
For the time being Tohoku and Tokyo Electric plan to construct two reactors there each. The one that Tohoku Electric recently applied for is a BWR of 1.100 MW, but it is thought that those to follow will be ABWRs of 1.350 MW output.