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2* AGR 625 MW grid connection 1984

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"On 9 June 2004 a flange leaked within the equipment used to handle tritrated water (i.e. water in which some of the hydrogen atoms are in the form of the radioactive isotope tritium) in the radioactive effluent treatment plant (RAETP) at Hartlepool power station. Approximately 900 litres of liquor were released. The station declared a site incident, which was stood down on 13 June after the affected areas had been restored to normal access conditions . During this time access to the affected area was controlled by the station to prevent unauthorised access to the contaminated areas and thus ensure that doses to workers were properly controlled.

The leak was retained within the bunded RAETP and discharged through authorized discharge routes, except for a small quantity, which escaped through evaporation. Assements by both station and the Environment Agency demonstrated that: a) doses to workers were only a small percentage of the annual limits; and b) the off-site dose was insignificant.

British Energy immediately set up a Divisional Panel of Inquiry and the details of the event and the lessons learned were promulgated to all sites. The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate and Environment Agency have conducted a joint investigation. The EA has advised station that it does not intend to prosecute. The NII is due to report shortly but is also expected to advise station that it will not prosecute."
(source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/nuclear/quarterly-stat/2004-2.htm)


Station staff noticed that there had been movement in cold reheat pipework, which is pipework which transfers steam from the main TU´s back to the boilers for re-heating. Investigations have shown that the movement had occurred as a result of condensate build up, during restart of the reactor after a refueling outage.
This has been categorized as Level 1 on INES.