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LLW Storage in South Carolina operated by Chem-Nuclear Systems Inc.

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BarnwellLLW storage

Chem-Nuclear Systems Inc. will require generators to pay access fees to dispose of low-level radwaste (LLW) at its Barnwell, S.C. site as part of a plan to keep the operation going through 1999.

The access fees are supposed to cover any tax shortfall in the South Carolina Higher Education Scholarship grants. The state allowed the Barnwell site to reopen to out-of-region generators in 1995 and imposed a $ 8225 per m³ tax on waste to pay for the grants program. However, the tax hasn't brought in as much money as expected because generators have been minimizing waste and shipping less.
Barnwell is the only facility open to all states (except North Carolina) and taking all LLW classes. Virginia Power said the fees represent "yet another significant increase in the cost of radwaste disposal."


South Carolina´s Supreme Court heard arguments March 20 on a petition to overturn legislation approved last year that let the state withdraw from the Southeast Compact and extend operation of the Barnwell LLW disposal facility.
If the court approves the petition, the facility, would have to close immediately since previous state law authorized it to operate only until December 31, 1995.


South Carolina`s government is expected to sign a 4500 million US$ spending bill for 1996 which enables CNSI to reopen Barnwell to out-of-region generators. Barnwell will be autorized to accept out-of-region LLW until 2005. The price will be hefty:
8400 US$/m³ + CNSI charges.
On July 24, CNSI announces a price cut from 2860 US$/ m³ proposed on June 16 to levels that drop as volume rises.
Annual volume < 285 m³: 2625 US$/ m³
vol < 570 m³: 2485 $
vol < 840 m³: 2345 $
vol. < 1140 m³: 2205 $
larger volumes: 2065 $/m³.
The base price does not include surcharges as:
150 $/m³ for the site's closure & long term care fund; 67 $/m³. Barnwell County surcharge and 8225 $/m³ payment to the state South Carolina.