Greifswald (Germany)

Map of Greifswald

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5 * WWER 440 units closed in 1990

Facilities in Greifswald

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Greifswald ZLNinterim Storage

During decommissioning in 2003 four events rated INES 0 occured according to the BfS annual report.

The atomic interim storage north (ZLN) in Lubmin/Greifswald - at the site of the shut down Greifswals NPP - is almost filled to the half. Altogether 13,000 tons contaminated material occupy approximately 40 per cent of the available space in the ZLN. Since the end of 2001 20 of altogether 63 planned Castor-casks with high-active radioactive material are stored in the interim storage. From six reactor blocks built in Lubmin five are contaminated. In block 5 the disassembly work is almost completely finished. At the moment it is worked on the blocks 1, 2, and 4. The disposal and storage of damaged, so called strongly defective fuel elements from the reactor blocks are to be concluded in the year 2002. Entire decontamination is to be concluded in the year 2005. About 50 hectares of the approximately 180 hectares large working area are dismissed 2001 from the atomic law after a check by the BfS.