Grand Gulf (USA)

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BWR 1300 MW constructed by General Electric; grid connection in 1984

Facilities in Grand Gulf

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Grand Gulf-1BWR19741984

date?? jet pump failure due to air leakage from MSR valve flange


Replacement of recirculation pump shaft. because of a full circumferential crack which was throughwall at 2 points. Cracking of the shaft is believed to be caused by thermal cycling. The shaft was replaced 3 times since initial operation.


loss of instrument air caused the feedwater pump minimum flow valve to fail open causing a decrease in reactor vessel water level -> scram, HPCS and RCIC started to maintain water level Cause: FAILED INSTRUMENT AIR SYSTEM PIPING JOINT (DEFECTIVE WORKMANSHIP).


unit lost control of 1 of RFP´s , caused by a failed circuit in the controller, pump overfed the reactor -> scram


Design error regarding the 125 VDC system may prevent loads from receiving sufficient energy to start and operate under DBA conditions, condition existed since initial operation


availability of the HPCS system for long-term cooling could not be ensured. design error regarding the capability of the HPCS pump room cooler, condition existed since initial operation


Failure of the condenser boot seals resulted in a scram with complications. One MSIV failed to close on manual and auto demand. One control rod failed to insert fully. scram discharge volume failed to drain.


scram after HPCS injected, when operator keyed a radio near the low level transmitter


potential failure of both emergency diesels, ruptured tubes discovered (intercooler adapter plate)


Internal diffuser plate (guide vane) dropped into the intercooler causing it to leak .