Grafenrheinfeld (Germany)

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PWR 1300 MW constructed by KWU
in operation since 1981

Facilities in Grafenrheinfeld

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In 2003 eight events rated INES 0 occured according to the BfS annual report.


In May 1998, transports of spent fuel had to be stopped, because of contamination of the transport casks, whixh was a big scandal:

Fresh data from French nuclear regulator DSIN was obtained by the German government last week, showing that the contamination of several transports of spent fuel from German reactors to France last year was 900 times more than the Bonn government had reported to the public the week before.

BMU also acknowledged that 11 contaminated casks and rail cars were sent to France from German reactors in 1997 - from Philippsburg, Grohnde, Grafenrheinfeld, Brunsbuettel, and Stade - local contamination or "hot spots" found on the surface,were measuring up to 13,400 Bq/cm². "In five cases, the bottom tray of the rail car showed a maximum contamination of up to 13,000 Bq/cm², on an area of about 300 cm². BMU reported that in 1998, four new cases of contamination were found by DSIN. In two cases, it said, contamination was measured at 10,000 Bq/cm².
Transport bans were also imposed in France and Switzerland but these were subsequently lifted.


SG relief valves: failure of regulating valve.