Gentilly (Canada)

Map of Gentilly

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250 MW HWLWR shutdown 1977;
PHWR 640 MW Candu constructed by AECL; operation started 1982.

Facilities in Gentilly

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Gentilly-2CANDU 640 (PHWR)197419822012

Gentilly-2 goes into long-term shutdown

"Hydro Quebec decided in August 2008 to similarly refurbish the 638 MWe Gentilly 2 as an alternative to closing it in 2012, thereby extending its operating life to about 2040. Most Quebec electricity is hydro, from the north of the province. Gentilly, close to the load centre, had particular importance for grid stability and it also provided energy security regardless of seasonal rainfall. The C$1.9 billion investment would have included construction of a radioactive waste management facility. It was planned to commence work in 2011, but in the light of considerable delays with the Point Lepreau rebuild, the work was deferred to 2012-13. In February 2009, GE Energy was awarded a contract worth more than $120 million to refurbish the turbine island. In 2011the plant operating licence was extended to 2016. However, in September 2012 the new provincial government decided to close the plant at the end of 2012 instead of refurbishing."
(source:, July 2013)