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Electricity generation in China

Nuclear power in China

Operating reactors
2009 China has 11 reactor units in operation, 11 are under construction (source: PRIS/IAEA). Many more are planned: By 2020 China wants 60 GW of installed nuclear capacity compared to the current 9 GW (nuclear engineering)

Promotion of nuclear power
China is also actively promoting nuclear power as a clean and efficient source of electricity generation. Although it makes up only a small fraction of China’s installed generating capacity, many of the major developments taking place in the Chinese electricity sector recently involve nuclear power. EIA and independent sources forecast that China will add between 15 and 30 GW of new nuclear energy capacity by 2020, but even with this expansion, nuclear power will only represent between 2.5 and 4.5 percent of total installed generating capacity.

Mix of Energy generation

In 2004, China had total installed electricity generating capacity of 391.4 gigawatts (GW), 74
percent of which came from conventional thermal sources. In 2004, China generated 2,080 billion
kilowatthours (Bkwh) and consumed 1,927 Bkwh of electricity. Between 2000 and 2004 both electricity
generation and consumption have increased by 60 percent


Developments in the nuclear sector

2009: Huge investments in nuclear power

Chinese investments in NP increased by 71% in 2008 compared with the previous year. Investments for coal-fired plants dropped 22%.
In 2008, China officially adopted the AP100 as standard for their nuclear power projects in China
By 2020 8769 tons uranium will be needed per year to meet the demand. In the long run, domestic exploration will not be able to meet Chinese demand.
(source: nuclear engineering April 2009)

Earthquake May 2008

An Earthquake struck the Province of Sichuan on May 12. The nuclear sites in this region (for fuel production, nuclear weapon productin and research, no NPPs) showed visible structural damage according to officials. No radioactivity was released into the environment.

Sites With Nuclear Facilities

siteplantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
ChangpingChangpingHTR 10 MW1994
GuangdongGuangdong-1PWR 90019871993
Guangdong-2PWR 90019881994
LianyungangLianyungangWWER 1000
LingaoLingao-1PWR 950 MW2002
Lingao-2PWR 950 MW2002
Lingao-31000 MW PWR2010
QinshanQinshan-1PWR 30019851992
Qinshan-2-1PWR 6002002
Qinshan-3-1PWR 60019962002
Quinshan-2-4CNP 600, 610 MW Net2011
TianwanTianwan-1WWER 100019992006
Tianwan-2WWER 100020002007