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Energy generation in Switzerland


In 2008 there were five nuclear power plants and a research centre in operation in Switzerland.

The first NPP started operation in 1969.

About 40% of Swiss energy are produced by nuclear power. According to Greenpeace this is just about the amount of energy which is exported.

Developments in the nuclear sector

Nuclear power is not undisputed in Switzerland. There have been several attempts to phase out of nuclear energy, all of them unsuccessful.

2010: Annual report of incidents

In 2010 42 notifiable incidents occurred in Swiss nuclear power plants. 41 of the events were classified as INES 0, one event as INES 2.
- Beznau: 4 incidents
- Gösgen: 11 incidents
- Leibstadt: 5 incidents
- Mühleberg: 14 incidents

The INES 2 event occured in the NPP Leibstadt during inspection works. The maximal permitted radiation dose of 20 mSv/year for workers was exceeded for a diver. The worker received a whole body dose of 28 mSv.

In comparison: 2009 27 notifiable incidents occured.
The Swiss nuclear regulatory authority ENSI states that the higher number of incidents in Mühleberg was due to malfunctions during the bringing into service of new equipment after modernization of some parts of the plant.

(source: http://www.ensi.ch)

2003: New Nuclear Energy Act

The Swiss Parliament approved the new Nuclear Energy Act on 21 March 2003. The law incorporates a government counter-proposal to two current popular initiatives, which aimed for phasing out and prevention of any new nuclear power stations.

The new law enables the use of nuclear energy, new NPPs are presumed under a facultative referendum. Nuclear power plants can be operated if their safety is proven. For reprocessing there will be a moratorium from mid 2006 on. Radioactive waste has to be disposed of in Switzerland.

1999: New law on nuclear waste

Since 1999 Switzerland has a new law on nuclear waste. It holds the producers of the waste responsible for its safe storage or disposal. Until now no location for a repository has been chosen. At Wellenberg, where a repository for low and intermediate level waste was planned, the canton decided against it in 2002. An Benken near Zurich research activities for a planned high level waste repository are ongoing.

Sites With Nuclear Facilities

siteplantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
BenkenBenkenHLW storage
BeznauBeznau-1PWR 35019651969
Beznau-2PWR 35019681971
GoesgenGoesgenPWR 94019731979
LeibstadtLeibstadtBWR 100019741984
MuehlebergMuehlebergBWR 32019671971
PSIProteusResearch Reactor1968
PSIWaste Facilities
WürenlingenZWILAGInterim Storage and Waste Facilities2001
WellenbergWellenbergLILW Repository2002