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Developments in the Nuclear sector

Feb: Marocco announces plans for NPP construction to mitigate climate change

"Morocco has announced plans for two nuclear power plants as part of its submission to the Copenhagen Accord, which was drafted at COP 15 at the end of last year.

Under the terms of the Copenhagen Accord, developing countries were invited to submit proposed Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) demonstrating how they planned to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through specified projects. Developed countries were asked to submit proposed targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

The Copenhagen Accord was not unanimously endorsed at COP 15, instead countries were invited to declare their own commitments on a voluntary and non-binding basis.

In the months leading up to COP 15 a small number of countries tried to ban countries from including nuclear and large hydro projects in their NAMA declarations. However, that exclusion was not included in the final Copenhagen Accord and now Morocco's declaration has firmly established nuclear energy projects as part of the NAMA process.

Morocco chooses nuclear

The country's proposal is for two 1000 MWe nuclear power reactors to enter operation between 2020-2030. In combination the two units are expected to avoid the emissions of nearly 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (MtCO2) each year, the largest single emissions saving of any of the proposed projects put forward by the Moroccan government. "