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Electricity generation in Taiwan

Nuclear power

Taipower operates three nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 4,900 megawatts (MW).

The construction of Taiwan’s fourth nuclear plant has been controversial. After coming into office in 2000, President Chen cancelled the construction of the 2,700-MW Kungliao nuclear reactor at Lungmen. However, in February 2001, the legislature overturned this decision and called for the project to resume. Currently, the Kungliao project is scheduled to start commercial operations at its first unit in 2009, with the entire plant to be completed by 2012. The uncertain future of the fourth nuclear reactor project, which would add a sizable amount to Taiwan’s current generating capacity, has caused hesitation in other power plant construction plans.

To meet climate protection targets Taiwan is now (May 2009) considering a new focus on nuclear (see below).

Energy mix

During 2004

  • 74 percent of Taiwan’s electricity generation came from conventional thermal sources,
  • while 22 percent was nuclear and
  • 4 percent hydroelectric.

Energy Dependance

Taiwan has very limited domestic energy resources and relies on imports for most of its energy requirements. Taiwan has encouraged investment in domestic oil and natural gas projects, including partnerships with mainland Chinese companies. However, these efforts are unlikely to yield sufficient energy resources to reverse the island’s import dependence.

(source for whole Article: Energy Information Administration from http://www.eoearth.org)

Developments in the nuclear sector

2009, April: New focus on nuclear?

In the National Energy Forum held in April 2009 the currently ruling Nationalist's Party KMT energy proposals include extended lifetime to 60 years for current reactors, 6 to 8 new reactors to increase the share of nuclear in the electricity-mix from 13,5% in 2007 to over 30% in 2025. Strong opposition from civil society (and renewable industries) prevented reaching consensus in the Energy forum.
(source: nuclear monitor No. 688)

2009: Making of the fourth nuclear power plant...

...is now supervised by Taipower Company which has no experience in this matter- A local newspaper revealed that Taipower changed the GE design in 395 places without applying permission form the Atomic Energy Council, as required. Taipower states that the GE's NPP4 design is over conservative and requires 10 to 100 times more (steel, cement) than necessary.
(source: nuclear monitor No. 688)
(source: nuclear monitor No. 688)

Sites With Nuclear Facilities

siteplantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
ChinshanChinshan-1BWR 60019691978
Chinshan-2BWR 60019701979
KuoshengKuosheng-1BWR 95019721981
Kuosheng-2BWR 95019721983
LungmenLungmen-1ABWR 13501998
Lungmen-2ABWR 13501999
MaanshanMaanshan-1PWR 90019741985
Maanshan-2PWR 90019741985
Orchid Island