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Nucler power plants

In Slovakia two NPPs at Bohunice and two NPPs at Mochovce are currently in operation.

Bohunice-2 was closed by the end of 2008.

Block 3 and 4 of Mochovce were never completed.

The first NPP was connected to the grid in 1972 (Bohunice A1 - this reactor was shut down in 1979 and is now being decommissioned).

Developments in the nuclear sector

2011, Jan: New EIA needed for construction of Mochvce 3/4?

"Brussels / Bratislava – 14 January 2011 – Yesterday, the Aarhus Convention Compliance
Committee slammed Slovakia for lack of proper public consultation on the Mochovce 3,4
nuclear power project. This decision means that Slovakia also is in breach with EU law and that
the European Commission will have to supervise its implementation. The decision implies that
construction of the Mochovce nuclear power plant will have to be stopped until a new
Environmental Impact Assessment has been carried out.

Jan Haverkamp, Greenpeace EU nuclear expert: “This groundbreaking decision shows that you
cannot build dangerous nuclear power stations without taking the input of the public into proper
account. It is now up to the European Commission to keep Slovakia to its legal obligations.
Mochovce construction should stop right away.” "

(source: Jan Haverkamp, Greenpeace EU campaigner dirty energy, mail distributed by no nukes info)

2010, Nov: Fire in Mochovce

On Nov. 29 2010 a fire broke out in reactor no. 2 of the NPP Mochovce. The Slovak nuclear regulatory body UJD announced that the incident happened in the turbine-generator in the non-nuclear part of the reactor. A leak in the oil pipe and a broken sensor were the cause of the problem.
No radioactivity was released.


2008, Dec: New reactor at Bohunice planned

The construction of a new NPP-plant is planned at the site of the existing NPP at Bohunice. The plan the Slowak cabinet approved in Dec. 2008 declares that the construction works will be finished in 2020.

The NPP is expected to cost 4 - 6 billion euros, the Czech power company CEZ will be the strategic partner of the project. CEZ was classified the most suitable of 10 potential investors by the Slowak government.

2008, Aug: Completion of Mochovce 3/4 planned

SE/Enel has launched a tender for the construction of NPP Mochovce 3/4.
The tender, concerning the refurbishment of the civil part of conventional sections of the nuclear power plant, was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 25 June 2008. SE - 66% owned by Italy's Enel - said that bidders should submit letters of interest by 18 September. The assumed deadline for submitting bids is 8 December.
The company said that construction work at the third and fourth units at Mochovce is scheduled to start on 1 April 2009. The reactors are expected to be completed by the end of June 2011.
Mochovce Units 1 and 2 have been significantly upgraded and the instrument and control systems replaced with assistance from western companies beforee operation started. Units 3 and 4 - also VVER-440/213 units - have remained partly built.

Already in January 2006, the Slovak government approved a new energy strategy incorporating these plans.
In February 2007, SE announced that it would proceed with Mochovce 3/4 construction, and that ENEL had agreed to invest Eur 1.8 billion on this with a view to operation in 2012-13. SE has already invested Eur 576 million in the two units.

2005: SE sold to ENEL

In February 2005 Slovakia's dominant power utility, Slovenské elektrárne (SE), was sold to Italy's largest electric utility company, Enel. The sale gives Enel a 66 % stake in Slovenské elektrárne. Enel has succeeded over the Czech energy company CEZ and the Russian company RAO. Before the sale Enel has accepted to complete the third and fourth NPP at Mochovce.

2004: Completion of Mochovce 3/4?

In December 2004, Slovak Economy Minister Pavol Rusko considered the completion of the third and fourth block of Mochovce due to Slovakia's obligation to shut down two blocks of Bohunice between 2006 and 2008. 55% of civil structures and 30% of the technological parts of these two units have been finished since 1992 when construction was stopped due to lack of finances.

2003: Over 50% nuclear power

The production of electricity by nuclear power represented 57% of total electricity consumption in Slovakia in 2003.

Management of spent fuel

Until 1987 spent fuel had been transported to the Soviet Union including all spent fuel from the shutdown reactor Bohunice A1. Since then spent fuel is stored at Bohunice.

Three alternatives are proposed for fuel cycle back-end. The intermediate storage of spent fuel for a period of 40 - 50 years followed by underground depository looks optimal from the point of cost. Other alternatives such as final repository abroad or reprocessing are more expensive but are still under consideration.

The original soviet design concept for the waste management supposed collection consisted in pre-treatment and interim storage of all radioactive waste produced at the site during the whole operational period of the NPP. Such a concept postponed the final decisions on conditioning and disposal of operational waste to the decommissioning stage with the goal to handle radioactive waste from both the operational and the decommissioning period together.

Sites With Nuclear Facilities

siteplantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
BohuniceBohunice A1GC-HW 144MW195819721979
Bohunice-1WWER 440 V230197419782006
Bohunice-2WWER 440 V230197419802008
Bohunice-3WWER 440 V21319761984
Bohunice-4WWER 440 V21319761985
MochovceMochovce-1WWER 440 V21319831998
Mochovce-2WWER 440 V21319831999
Mochovce-3WWER 4401985
Mochovce-4WWER 4401985