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Romania has two nuclear reactors in operation at the site of Cernavoda.
In 2014, they provided 10.7 TWh or 18.5 percent of the country’s electricity.
Under the Ceausescu regime, Romania originally planned to build five Candu units at Cernavoda. Due to political reasons work stopped in 1982 and was resumed in 1995.

Developments in the nuclear sector

October 2014

SNN and CGN signed a binding agreement that made the latter the “selected investor”. However, with SNN proposing to invest in the life extension of the first two units at Cernavoda at €1.2–1.5 billion (US$1.4–1.7 billion) per unit, it is looking for 100 percent investment in the completion of the third unit. (source WNIS 2015)

November 2013

The China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) signed a letter of intent in November 2013 with the Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN) to complete units 3&4 in 2019 and 2020.

2011, Jan: Faltering steps for Cernavoda

"While three engineering contractors have declared their intention to bid to complete Cernavoda units 3 and 4 in Romania, three utilities have withdrawn from the project.

The letters of intent, accompanied by the necessary qualifying documents, were submitted by Bechtel International, a consortium led by Canadian engineering company SNC Lavalin and including Ansaldo Nucleare of Italy and Romanian power engineering company Elcomex IEA, and the Atomtechnoprom consortium of four unnamed Russian companies. SNC Lavalin, Ansaldo Nucleare and Elcomex were all involved in the construction of Cernavoda 1 and 2, and SNC Lavalin has been widely talked of as a possible future owner of Candu supplier Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL).

Romania's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business, yesterday announced the filings would be reviewed by an evaluation committee to ensure that the candidates are suitably qualified for the subsequent stages of the procedure, including the development of the technical specifications for the power plant, the presentation and negotiation of primary bids and the negotiation of final offers. The process is expected to end sometime in 2011 or in the first half of 2012, when the winning bid will be determined and the contract awarded.

Today, however, has seen a joint notice from European utility heavyweights GdF Suez, RWE and Iberdola that they "have decided not to continue to participare in the Cernavoda project." The companies said they worked on the completion of Cernavoda 3 and 4 from 2008 but, "Economic and market uncertainties surrounding this project, related for the most part to the present financial crisis, are not reconcilable now with the capital requirements of a new nuclear power project."

"This decision does not reflect on the technical quality of the project," noted the power producers.

Cernavoda is the site of Romania's two operating nuclear power plants, both Canadian-designed Candu pressurised heavy water reactors. Five such units were originally planned for the site, and work began on all of them during the 1980s but was suspended on units 2-5 in 1991. Unit 1 was completed and started up in 1996, and in 2000 the Romanian government decided to prioritise the modernisation and completion of unit 2, which subsequently started up in 2007. Between them, the two units now provide around 18% of the electricity generated in Romania each year.

The completion and operation of Cernavoda 3 and 4 is being managed by EnergoNuclear, a joint stock company 51% owned by Romanian state nuclear power corporation Nuclearelectrica. In early 2010 it signed an agreement with AECL to carry out engineering consultancy work to assess viability and define project requirements in preparation for the completion of the two Candu 6 reactors as part of an 18-month pre-project phase. The two units are pencilled in for start-up in 2016 and 2017."

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2009, 05-30: Burst pipe forces shutdown of nuclear reactor

One of the nuclear reactors in Cernavoda (Romania) was
shut down on Saturday due to a burst water pipe (report by the Romanian news
agency Mediafax).

The damage should be repaired within a week according to plant management.

2009, April 3: Company established for new Romanian reactors
EnergoNuclear SA has been formally established to undertake the construction, commissioning and operation of two new reactors at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania.
An agreement was signed in November 2008 by representatives from the seven companies investing in the construction of units 3 and 4 at the Cernavoda plant, which specified what share in the project they will each hold.
Under that agreement, Romania's state-owned Nuclearelectrica SA will hold a 51% stake in the company, while Czech utility CEZ, Belgium's Electrabel (part of GDF-Suez), Italy's Enel and Germany's RWE Power will each hold a 9.15% stake. In addition, Spain's Iberdrola and global steel producer ArcelorMittal will each hold a 6.2% stake in the project company.

The articles of association for the project company were signed on 17 December and EnergoNuclear was registered with the Romanian Trade Register on 25 March. A general meeting of the shareholders and a meeting of the board of directors was held on 2 April.
(source: world nuclear news)

2007: EIA about the completion of Cernavoda 3/4

The activities for Cernavoda NPP, Units 3 and 4, were stopped due to the lack of financial resources, but in 2006 the plan of finishing Unit 3 was resumed. An EIA process started, which was enlarged in 2007 into the plan to resume construction of unit-3 and 4 simultaneously. Austria has stated its interest in ESPOO consultation. All documents for this EIA can be found at the UBA website.

1996/2007: Operation start of Cernavoda 1/2

In 1996 the first Unit of Cernavoda NPP was commissioned.

Unit-2 was planned to be in operation by 2004. In reality it started operation only in 2007.

Sites With Nuclear Facilities

siteplantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
CernavodaCernavoda-1PHWR 70019801996
Cernavoda-2PHWR 70019822007
Cernavoda-3PHWR 7001984
Cernavoda-4PHWR 7001985
Cernavoda-5PHWR 7001986