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Electricity generation in Armenia

Nuclear power

Armenia's only still operating NPP is located at Medzamor with two PWR units of the WWER 440 V230 type.

Nuclear power from the single small reactor supplied 42% of the country's electricity in 2006 - 2.4 billion kWh. Electricity consumption per capita is about 1700 kWh/yr.

Armenia has a population of 3.2 million. Natural gas is its main source of energy.

Developments in the nuclear sector

2007, Nov: Shutdown plan agreed

The present Metsamor plant is a concern to the EU and to neighbouring Turkey, 16 km away. There have been various calls to shut it down, but Armenia is very dependent on it. In November 2007 it was reported that a shutdown plan had been agreed (for 2016?), at cost of $280 million.

2007: Russia and USA offer help to build new NPP

In 2007 Russia offered to build a new 1000 MWe nuclear power plant in Armenia in return for minority ownership of it. The energy minister announced a feasibility study for a new unit at Metsamor, which plant would cost some US$ 2 billion. The investigation is being carried out with Russia, the USA and the IAEA. The USA has expressed willingness to help build a new plant to go on line about 2016, and the figure of $3 billion has been mentioned for 1000 MWe.

2003: NPP now operated by Russian subsidiary

All fuel is supplied by Russia, but this has incurred significant foreign debt. As a result, the plant has been operated by a subsidiary of RAO UES and Rosenergoatom since 2003, as part of a five year arrangement to help pay off those debts. This agreement, now with Inter-RAO, was extended by five years in 2008.

1995: Restart of Medzamor 2

Unit-2 was upgraded with support mainly from Russia and restarted in 1995. Medzamor-2 represents roughly 30% of Armenia's total generating capacity at present.

1989: Shutdown both reactors after earthquake

Both units of Medzamor have been shut down after an earthquake in 1989 and were mothballed during the following years.

In the years without the reactor, the Armenian industry has undergone structural changes and consumption was reduced by 30% thanks to energy-saving measures and structural changes in the development. The country has suffered from a lack of electricity, with only two or three hours of power some days. Wars on its borders have blocked fossil fuel deliveries.

Sites With Nuclear Facilities

siteplantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
MedzamorMedzamor-1WWER 440 V270197319761989
Medzamor-2WWER 440 V27019751979