Temelin/CZ: Slight radioactivity outside of the allowed areas was found in nuclear power plant Temelin during the shutdown of the second unit - on the roof of the structures surrounding the unit, but the staff and the environment were not endangered according to Temelin´s spokesman Marek Svitak. The planned shutdown of the second unit started on April 18 and originally was to end in the middle of June. During preparations for the start of fuel replacement, an untightness was identified between the primary and secondary circuit on steam generator number four on June 26. The unit was then shut down again for repairs.


In NPP Dukovany/CZ, the fourth unit had to be taken from the grid because of a leak in the secundary water circuit.


Fessenheim/F had again to be shut-down due to pipe-fault.


Anomalies have been identified in the composition of the steel in certain parts of the reactor vessel of the EPR under construction at Flamanville, Areva has informed the French nuclear regulator.


Fessenheim/F had to be shut-down due to pipe-fault.


Electrabel, the owner and operator of Belgium’s Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear units, has discovered more flaws on the units’ reactor pressure vessels (RPVs), the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (Fanc) has said. After the latest round of testing, Electrabel discovered that Doel-3’s RPV has 13,047 hydrogen-induced flaws instead of the 8,000 which were previously identified. Tihange-2 has 3,149 flaws instead of the previously reported 2,000.

October 2014

Romania: SNN and the Chinese CGN signed a binding agreement that made the latter the “selected investor”. However, with SNN proposing to invest in the life extension of the first two units at Cernavoda at €1.2–1.5 billion (US$1.4–1.7 billion) per unit, it is looking for 100 percent investment in the completion of the third unit. (source WNIS 2015)


A contract for the realization of the second stage of the project for extending the operational capacity of Unit 5 of NPP Kozloduy was signed. The commissioner of the contract is the Bulgarian nuclear power plant; the contractor is a consortium comprising of “Rusatom Services”, “Rosenergoatom”, and EDF. The goal is to extend the total lifetime of Unit 5 to 60 years. The license of the unit issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency expires in 2017. Similar steps will be taken for Unit 6 whose license expires in 2019. The extension of the capacity of Units 5 and 6 is a national priority and is included in the programme of the new government.

2014-06-27: New reactor in Argentinia online

The new reactor at the Atucha nuclear power plant was put online on 27 June 2014.
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2014-06-27: Russian fast-neutron reactor Beloyarsk 4 brought to criticality

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2013-07-11: Spains oldes nuclear reactor closed

Spain’s oldest nuclear power plant Santa Maria de Garoña (north-central province of Burgos) has been officially shut down after 42 years in operation.

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2013-01-15: Restart of Belgian reactors postponed

The Belgian nuclear safety authority yesterday announced that it is postponing a decision on the restart of two reactors (Doel 3 and Tihange 2) that were shut down over the summer due to the discovery of fissures in their cores.

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2012-12-11: Power unit shut down at Rivne nuclear power plant

Reactor 3 of the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (Ukraine) automatically shut down due to the fall of the water level in the steam generators and the shutdown of the main circulation pumps.

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2012-08-09: Cracks found in Belgian reactor Doel-3

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2012-06-23: Rajasthan 5 (India): Radiation Exposure of workers to tritium (INES Level 1)

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2012-06-21: Ringhals (Sweden): Threat levels raised after power plant 'bomb' find

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2012-04-05: Penly 2 (France) - Fire and abnormal primary circuit leak occured at Penly NPP n°2 reactor (INES Level 1)

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2012 - March: Belene nuclear power project (BG) is officially declared dead

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2012-02-09: Kori 1 (South Korea) - Loss of shutdown cooling due to station blackout during refueling outage (Ines Level 2)

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2012-Jan: Incident in French facility Cattenom

On Jan 18th 2012 Cattenoms operator EDF announced French nuclear regulatory authority ASN about a nuclear incident in December 2011. No radioactivity was released, but nuclear safety was compromised: The fuel storage pools could have accidentally run out due to a missing technical part. Due to the potential consequences the event was rated INES level 2 in Feb. 2012.
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2011-12-21: CATTENOM-2 and 3 (France) - Level 2 incident on INES scale concerning a pipe nonconformity in two Cattenom NPP fuel storage pools

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2011 - Sept: Accident in French nuclear facility Marcoule

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2011-Sept: Iran - busher NPP connected to grid

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2011 - Aug: Automatic shutdown after earthquake

Two nuclear power reactors at the North Anna plant automatically shut down on 23 August after the grid failed following a 5.8 magnitude earthquake
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2011-March: Partial nuclear meltdown in Japan

After the earthquakes/the tsunami starting at March 11 several nuclear emergencies have been declared in Japan
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Germany shuts down older NPPs after the Japan accident, plans phase-out
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Stop of nuclear power revival in Italy
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2011 - Feb:

Spain lifts ban on lifetime limit of 40 years

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2011-01: Egypt to issue nuclear power plant tender

Egypt will issue a tender for its planned nuclear power plants in about two weeks - bidding companies will have six months to present their offers
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Slovakia: New EIA needed for Mochovce 3/4?

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Italy: new energy strategy outline containing nuclear

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Great Britain plans carbon floor price for nuclear boost investment in new nuclear power plants
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1163 notifiable incidents in Germany

1 163 notifiable incidents during 2000 - 2010 in Germany. Plant lifetimes will be extended nevertheless.
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Fires in Russia: Nuclear facilities on alert

NPPs are not directly threatended yet but develop action plans for reducing likelihood of fire - fire close to the Snezhinsk nuclear research centre in the Urals has been brought under control by now.
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New reactors for Sweden

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Nuclear power generation decreases

The annual generation of nuclear power has descreased 2% last year to 2558 TWh according to the IAEA, continuing its light downward trend


Poland site study for NPPs

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Testing of enclosure system in first Iranian NPP Bushehr completed

The NPP shall go online soon
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Marroco intends to build NPPs mitigate climate change
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Second reactor in Krsko (Slovenia)?

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Work on new-built in Sweden ongoing

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Germany decides on Asse rad waste removal

The rad. waste stored in Germany's Asse radioactive waste disposal facility will be removed
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Visaginas unit 2 (Lithuania) shut down

The last Lithuanian nuclear reactor was permanently shut down by the end of 2009
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Arab Emirates accepted bid for 4 nuclear power reactors

Operation of the 5,6 GWe should start in 2020
A South Korean consortium won the bid.
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Demonstration against transportation of nuclear waste

At the intermediate storage in Ahaus (Germany) a demonstration will take place on Dec. 20, 14:00
More information:


New reactors in Kozloduy (Bulgaria)?

Despite ongoing problems at the Belene construction site a new built at the nuclear site Kozloduy is considered in Bulgaria
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Finland: EPR I&C systems don't comply with the independence principle

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Lithuania: Contract for Ignalina waste repository signed

A consortium led by France's Areva has been awarded a contract to design a near-surface repository for low- and intermediate-level waste (LLW/ILW) at Lithuania's Ignalina nuclear power plant.
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Bids for new reactor in Temelin

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Possible new-build in Sweden

Vattenfall has launched a joint-project on low-carbon future energy production. Nuclear new-build is an option
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GB: Huge NPP in Sellafield planned

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RWE officially withdraws from Belene NPP project

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Unregistered plutonium found in France

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Belgium delays nuclear phase-out until 2025

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German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) warns that nuclear power is no climate saver

Recommendation of the UBA: Emission rights have to be taken from the market
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Belarus wants to build first NPP

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New reactor in the Netherlands planned

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Traktor trek German anti nuclear demonstration

A big anti-nuclear demonstration took place in Germany on Saturday
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Working conditions in French NPPs worsen

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Areva threatens to put final stages of construction of the Olkiluoto-EPR on ice

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Egypt receives nuclear safety consultancy bids

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IAEA allowed to visit Iran research reactor

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Africa declared nuclear weapon free zone

A treaty has been signed, that officially makes Africa a nuclear weapon free zone


Poland aims to generate nuclear power before 2021

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High chance for Bulgaria to cancel Belene NPP project

According to Deputy Prime Minister Simeon Djankov there is a 80% chance that Bulgaria will cancel the construction of Belene NPP due to shortage in government funds.
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Italy adopts new energy legislation

"The adoption of new energy legislation in Italy means the official end of anti-nuclear policies. Planning for new reactors can now begin in earnest."
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STUK requests further clarification of the automation system design for the Olkiluoto 3 project

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New Dutch reactor planned

A new unit is planned at the Dutch NPP Borssele. Delta has formally launched a process that will probably lead to an application to build a new nuclear power plant to be in operation by 2018.


Contracts for completion of Mochovce 2/4 have been signed

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Accident in Sizewell A more serious than revealed

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Expansion of nuclear fuel repository in Finland approved

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SKB today announced the site for a permanent disposal site for used nuclear fuel in Sweden:

It will be at Forsmark
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Shutdown of Cernavoda (Romania)

Due to a burst water pipe on of the reactors of Cernavoda had to be shut down temporary
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Link of WHO and IAEA

An agreement made in 1959 gives the IAEA an effective veto on actions by the WHO that relate to nuclear power:
Whenever one of the two organisations wants to do anything in which the other might have an interest, it "shall consult the other with a view to adjusting the matter by mutual agreement".
By the agreement the WHO may have underestimated the real risk of nuclear radiation and the death toll of Chernobyl.
The British radiation biologist Keith Baverstock says that current risk models for nuclear radiation were understating the real hazards.
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Dramatic cost increase in nuclear power built

... according to a study of the MIT
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Start of assembly of world's first floating NPP

in St Petersburg
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Yucca mountain terminated

The budget request for the final repository project in Yucca mountain (USA) has been terminated
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Environmental OK for Visaginas nuclear plant

Plans to build a new nuclear power plant in Lithuania have received approval from the country's Ministry of Environment.
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Plans for nuclear power station to replace wind farm in Great Britain

(information distributed by no-nukes list)


Earthquake in Bulgaria at planned site for Belene NPP

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No new nukes in the US?

Energy Regulatory Chief Says New Coal, Nuclear Plants May Be Unnecessary
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Appeal against Lithuanian EIA

NGOs filed an appeal against the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment report by the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment.
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Sites of potential new for nukes in UK named

The UK government has published a list of eleven potential sites for new nuclear power plants, which have been nominated through the Strategic Siting Assessment process.
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No THTR in South Africa

The plans to construct the Thorium High Temperature Reactor (THTR) near Cape Town have been cancelled. 980 million US-dollar will have been invested into the project by 2010.
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Nigeria plans to start nuclear programme

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No new reactors needed in Finland?

The Finnish minister of economic affairs Mauri Pekkarinen said in an interview that no new reactors were needed after Olkiluoto-3. Currently the applications for three new reactors are in progress.
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Change in financing plans for new NPP in Lithuania

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Completion of NPP in Brazil?

An environmental licence has been given for the completing of a power reactor in Brazil.
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Obama dumps Yucca Mountain final repository

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Scoping of EIA for Mochovce 3,4 is published.

An English version is available under:
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Russia offers Siemens a co-operation on nuclear power.

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Sweden plans to lift ban on nuclear power

The Swedish government announced that it wanted to overturn its nearly 30-year-old decision to phase out nuclear power and perhaps replace the 10 NPPs still in operation with new ones. read more


New NPPs for India

French nuclear company AREVA and the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) signed a declaration of intent to build NPPs in India.
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Restart of uranium mining in Czech Republic?

Diamo has submitted a proposal for the restart of uranium mining at historic mine site of Straz pod Ralskem
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Second EPR for France

The French president Nicolas Sarkozy announces the intent of France to build a second EPR (European pressurized reactor) in France.
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Siemens announces its intent to sell its stake in the nuclear joint venture Areva NP. The majority shareholder Areva SA will be the buyer of the shares.


300 demonstrate in Oulu against nuclear power and uranium mining projects

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Recommissioning of Bulgarian NPP?

The Bulgarian parliament announced that Bulgaria plans to recommission the two reactors in Kozloduy, which have been shutdown in 2007.
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Stutdown of reactor 1 in Temelin

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Poland plans the construction of NPPs

The Polish government announced that it planned to build two new nuclear reactors for maintaining the security of energy supplies. Currently there are no NPPs operating in Poland. The Żarnowiec Nuclear Power Plant project, which was supposed to be Poland's first NPP, was abandoned after protests in the early 1990ies, although it was nearly finished at that time.


AREVA-Siemens estimates Olkiluoto 3 will be completed in summer of 2012

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Recomissioning at Bohunice?

Due to the Russion stop of gas supply the head of the Slowakian government Fico announces the recommissioning of the reactor in Bohunice that has been shutdown in Dec. 2008.
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The Slowakian Government plans to build a new NPP (V-3) at the Bohunice NPP-area. The French company AREVA has been commissioned with the construction works.

No Nukes Inforesource

No Nukes Inforesource is a collection of news and about incidents in nuclear power plants. The information is provided by the Austrian Institute of Ecology.